Instant Trees over the weekend

Growing trees have never been easier!

The space at the slope in front of Blk 17 Toh Yi Dr and also the slope from the Esso petrol station to Blks 1 and 2 Toh Yi Drive has been planted with instant trees over the weekend.

Instant Trees

There used to be trees on this slope, can’t remember what they were and they were chopped off.
Not sure if it’s thanks to the Green Plan group that we read about or it’s part of the Toh Yi lift upgrade plans.

Instant Trees

We do love instant trees. We noticed that instantly birds have been spotted near these trees!

Oh, if you want trees planted near your place, it seems you can always write in to NParks!
It’s always fun to hear from the aunties grapevine.

When the huge monsoon drains Jalan Haji Alias were covered up, there were no trees there, but the in-laws who stays around that area heard that some neighbours were not happy that it is now so hot and asked for trees! After half a year or so, trees were planted!

If you live in the many private estates in Bukit Timah area, if the trees on state land around your house look sickly or you think a tree is needed, write in to NParks! They will send someone over!

(We know it works, because we know people living in our Bukit Timah neighbourhood who did that.)



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  • Andrea says:


    Do you know of any recent instant trees planted around the Bukit Timah area in the past month?

    Thanks :)

  • Phil says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Jalan Haji Alias has a row of trees planted last year. That’s what I remember.

    There are also many single trees planted everywhere around :-)

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