After the rain photos….

Whenever it rains, we the residents of Bukit Timah get a bit weary. This area where the Beauty World MRT station was once flooded quite badly.

The severe floods have not been back, but there has been interesting observations after the rains. I guess it must have been a slight flooding the night before.
After the rain...

The leaves in the area seems to all gathered together naturally! Initially I thought have the cleaners been trying to sweep everything down the drain?

No, it seems the water brought the leaves to the drainage holes!

After the rain...

Quite neat eh? Maybe we don’t need more cleaners but more heavy rain!

After the rain...

We have noticed that along Jalan Jurong Kechil, most of the manhole coverings have changed. This is one of the older ones where it’s all closed up. The newer ones in the first two photos are opened and water can flow into the monsoon drains quickly.

After the rain...

If you can see, someone’s in the monsoon drain! He’s actually washing himself!

After the rain...

The water after the rain is quite clear.

A short post every now and then to keep this blog alive ;-)

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