Construction works near Bukit Timah condo postponed for a week

More news about Bukit Timah. The roads is so messy in front of Maplewoods Condo. If I am living there, I would not be too happy too! I am quite surprise that they will stop work for a week!

On a side note, don’t you think the MPs in Holland-Bukit Panjang are now even more  helpful than ever?


Construction works near Bukit Timah condo postponed for a week

by Ng Jing Yng 01:05 AM Jun 08, 2011

SINGAPORE – After a meeting which lasted more than four hours with the authorities and their Member of Parliament (MP), residents at a Bukit Timah condominium will see construction works, which involve a tunnel-boring machine, postponed for a week.

Following the closed-door meeting at Maplewoods condominium along Bukit Timah Road, residents told MediaCorp that the discussions were extensive but there were still some issues to be sorted out.

The condo residents had wanted the tunnel-boring machine meant for constructing the King Albert Park MRT Station, part of the Downtown Line 2, to be shifted away from their condo entrance and exit points.

They were worried that the alternative route, which they were supposed to take from this Saturday due to the construction works, would be dangerous and disruptive for their children walking to the nearby Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) and drivers exiting to busy Bukit Timah Road.

Speaking to reporters mid-way through the meeting, MP Christopher De Souza explained that “it speaks of a (fairer) option” to locate the construction space for a tunnel-boring machine outside Maplewoods condominium, as situating it at Sixth Avenue would result in having to demolish the 10 shophouses and evicting residents living there.

“I cannot overpromise but on the issue of safety… we have already come up with new proposals and we can deliver a much safer option already to the residents,” he added.

Together with Land Transport Authority officials, Mr De Souza presented solutions to ease residents’ safety concerns. They include retaining the original walkway but narrowing it to accommodate construction works and having road marshals to direct construction vehicles.
While the rubbish collection area will be cordoned of for construction, he said rubbish trucks will be allowed into the construction sites for daily refuse removal.

One Maplewoods resident whose daughter is studying in MGS (Secondary), said she was glad that their voices were being heard. Although the residents did not agree with all the solutions offered, they did show some initiative on the part of the decision-makers, said the resident, who asked not to be named.

However, another resident, whose daughter is in MGS (Primary), felt that the meeting did not yield much as the options presented left them with no room for negotiations.

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