Swiss Grill @ Coronation Shopping Plaza, Bukit Timah Road

Contribution from Keropokman’s Singapura Makan Photo.
Food in the Bukit Timah area.


Momo and I are discovering places to eat that are nearer to where we stay. We know many places that have been around for some time, but we always seem to bypass them and travel further to eat! This place is so near where we stay, we took a short bus ride here.


Swiss Grill is the food section of Swiss Butchery. This little bistro shares the same premises with Swiss Butchery. There are limited seating inside, if you prefer air-conditioning. If you need some sun, sit outdoors.

Swiss Butchery / Swiss Grill

It has a nice deco inside and if you want to know what they sell? Look at the wall.

Swiss Butchery


I had the ‘black board special’, Blue Cheese Burger. ($13, I think, I need to check my receipt)
If you like chunky fries and mesclun salad, you add it to your burger for an additional $2.50

Blue Cheese Burger

My juicy and saporous grilled premium chuck beef burger! Medium done.
I like the bun, it’s some wholemeal bread with raisins in it!

Don’t you wanna have it now too?

Blue Cheese Burger

If you want a peek inside the burger, crispy curly bacon!
Blue cheese, which I like because it was not ‘pungent’.
Lots of caramelized onions too.

Blue Cheese Burger


Momo had the service staff’s recommendation.
The Swiss Portobello Burger ($14.90)

Perfect for ladies who want to order something that sounds “petite and dainty”, but in reality loves their meat! See the huge chunk of juicy beef patty and bacon.

Swiss Portobello Burger

A peek inside the burger.
Grilled premium chuck beef, crispy bacon, emmental cheese cream and portobello mushrooms.

Swiss Portobello Burger


We adore this place.We adore their burgers too.
We might come back here for their steaks one of these days!

I found their Swiss Grill menu on their website. See if there’s sell something you like there.

The fresh meat here looks good too. We have not bought meat from them.
Sis gets meat from Huber’s Butchery over at the other end of Bukit Timah Road.
Maybe we should buy their fresh meat too.

Swiss Grill
587 Bukit Timah Road,
Coronation Shopping Plaza,
Singapore 269707

Tel: 6463 8080
Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Tuesday – Sunday)

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